Neha causes a fight between Rannvijay and Prince leading to Prince’s exit

Every season of Roadies is all about fighting tooth and nail and surviving till the end. Renault MTV Roadies Rising is no different. Here there is place for every emotion: betrayal, anger, love, hate; the list is endless. It’s not just the gang members, it is also the gang leaders who fight for survival. Sometimes this fight does get ugly thanks to all the planning, plotting and scheming. In the upcoming episode, audiences will see gang leader Rannvijay accuse gang leader Prince of saying that he will never let Rannvijay’s gang win. Prince is completely taken aback by this and when probes further, Rannvijay tells him gang leader, Neha was the one to communicate this to him.
Neha, all this while is a silent spectator and refuses to get involved in the fight amongst the two gang leaders. When asked by Rannvijay, she said, “Don’t make this about me. It is a clear case of a misunderstanding. Whatever you have to say, say it to each other and please keep me out of this”
A visibly upset Prince asks Rannvijay to confront him the next time if something like this happens and tells him, “Even if my life ends, I won’t say something like this”. With that, gang leader Prince walks out of the show. Will Prince come back? Will Rannvijay clear out the air with him? Will Neha own up?
Watch all this and much more in the upcoming episode of Renault MTV Roadies Rising.

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