All you need to know about Karisma Kapoor's ex husband Sunjay Kapur's wedding with Priya Sachdev!

The businessperson, who got separated a year ago, is getting hitched for the third time…

Here’s the enormous scoop of the day! Karisma Kapoor’s previous spouse Sunjay Kapur is getting hitched once more. This will be his third marriage. The Delhi based agent is wedding his darling Priya Sachdev.

Sunjay and Karisma had an astringent aftermath because of his asserted indulgences and the couple threw in the towel a couple of years back. Be that as it may, their separation became possibly the most important factor just a year ago. Presently, with Sunjay getting hitched to Priya, here’s all that you have to think about the wedding…

An April date!

Priya Sachdev (Getty Images)

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Despite the fact that the correct date has not been reported, arrangements are on for the wedding which is slated to occur in mid-April this year.

Goal wedding:

Karisma Kapoor – Sunjay Kapur and Priya Sachdev

SCOOP: Karisma Kapoor’s ex Sunjay Kapur to wed Priya Sachdev this April?

Sunjay and Priya will get hitched in New York, trailed by a great gathering for companions in India later.

Suggest wedding:

Just nearest of loved ones will be observer to their cozy wedding service which will be directed in a Sikh function. This will be Priya’s second marriage and Sunjay’s third henceforth them two need to stay under the radar.

Sister Charu at work!

Priya’s sister Charu is making all he game plans for the great wedding that will be directed in New York one month from now.

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