Nazar actress Monalisa agitated over reports that she was in a live-in with an older man

Monalisa has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. According to the media reports, the Nazar actress is agitated over reports that she was in a live-in with an older man.

In her latest interview, the Bigg Boss 10 contestant stated that she is very upset with this report and revealed her husband Vikrant Singh Rajpoot’s reaction to it. It was Vikrant who read the news first and started laughing, said Monalisa asserting that relationship is pretty mature and won’t be affected by such rumours. She was quoted saying, “I am very upset since the time I’ve seen this news report. I mean how can they write something like this without even asking or speaking to me. Vikrant saw this report first and he showed it to me. We started laughing over it, but now I am unable to remove it from my mind as my fans will start believing it. I am lucky I have a partner like Vikrant who is understanding but what if a couple who doesn’t have that maturity between them, then such news can spoil their relationship.”

She further went on to say that she met Vikrant in the year 2008 on the sets of Dulha Dulha and since then they have been together. “On what basis have they written that I was in a live-up with this person Madan and that too for six long years? Everyone knows, including my parents, that I met Vikrant in 2008 on the sets of Dulha Albela and since then we started dating each other. Touch wood, we have been together since then and our relationship has lasted for so long. I really want to meet this person Madan, I challenge the publication to bring this person in front of me,” she said.

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