Namish Taneja turns an inspiration for his actor friends

Mumbai, 03 February 2018: It always feels nice to know when you are an inspiration for someone.

It was an emotional moment for popular actor Namish Taneja (currently seen in Ikkyawan) to know that two of his friends affirmed on social media that he is an inspiration for them.

Sadda Haq fame Ashutosh Semwal and NSD actor Varun Panwar knew Namish from their struggling days. They have stood by each other in their ups and downs since the inception of their friendship. Though Ashutosh and Varun never leave any stone unturned to motivate Namish but they never said that Namish is the one, who has been inspiring them.

Recently they took their social media profiles and accepted that Namish has been a driving force in their life that left him teary-eyed.

When we contacted Namish, he said, “It’s so hard to find a true friend these days. I am fortunate to find not just one but two loyal friends who have always stood by me though all my trials and tribulations. Though they have always appreciated even my smallest achievements but never told me that every milestone that I had crossed is inspiring them to perform better.”

“Their recent posts of social media left me surprised and speechless. I always fall short of words to describe their true value in my life,” Namish added.

That’s sweet! Isn’t it?

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