MTV Splitsvilla X2: Here’s how hosts Rannvijay and Sunny Leone SURVIVE dome sessions

The current season has been quite entertaining with drama escalating with each passing episode.

This season of Splitsvilla can easily be called as one of the best seasons. The show is full of drama, emotions, competition and also action.

Being the host and the face of the show Rannvijay and Sunny carry an important responsibility of making sure the show is running smoothly and the contestants are not going overboard.

During a heated argument between Piyush and Ashish where Piyush was about to hit Ashish, Rannvijay intervened and controlled the situation. Sunny on the other hand reprimanded the contestants for body shaming.Well, keeping calm in all this drama, emotions in the dome session wherein contestants put allegations and often abuse each other is surely not an easy task.

Rannvijay took to social media to share how he and Sunny keep calm in dome sessions.

Needless to say, Rannvijay and Sunny are the apt choice as hosts for Splitsvilla.

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