Meet Shashank Vyas – the latest book lover in town!

Books are indeed our best friends.

Popular actor Shashank Vyas, who is currently essaying the character of dashing Military officer in Jana Na Dil Se Door is an avid book reader. But his reading habits developed when he was struggling for work in the industry.
Shashank tells,”I am not too old in reading, I started reading when I was struggling for work, it helped me a lot in self-development and reading also broadens our mind and helped me to look at things from a different perspective.”

Currently, Shashank is reading the book Rules Of Wealth which is based on the thoughts of earning and savings. Shashank adds,”Rules of Wealth it’s a fantastic book, this book covers deep thoughts on earning and savings and why you want money. It also covers how one can have ample of money and still can have peaceful sleep at nights. It also teaches the relationship between happiness and money.”

Do you feel books can change a person’s life? “I don’t take myself seriously as I am not serious about anything in life, it doesn’t mean that I am laid back. It’s just I am sincere towards everything happening around me.”
Shashank feels his realistic approach towards life, he got from his parents and also sometimes from books and hardships.” Shashank, who mostly reads non-fiction books, recommends two books for reading, they are “You Can Win” and The “The Power Of Subconscious Mind”.

Well, now all the girls who love him can go and start buying and reading books and you can even send him books as gifts!

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