Maya to UNLEASH her 'beyhadh' side and PROPOSE to Arjun in 'Beyhadh'..!

The much-awaited ‘love’ to soon blossom between the duo..

‘Beyhadh’ may just be a week old, but is already garnering a lot of appreciation and applause for the way it is being presented. In a mere 8-9 episodes, the show has already gripped several viewers who are on the edge of their seats waiting for twists and turns to happen.

Currently, the indication of affection and love will finally be happening in the show where Maya (Jennifer Winget) will hug Arjun (Kushal Tandon) tightly after being petrified with the stuck-in-lift prank pulled by Arjun, himself.

The hatred will of course soon blossom into love for Maya. However, here is a piece of news which is sure to shock and thrill you.

The team has been shooting for an outdoor sequence in Mauritius. While Maya will be shown gradually getting closer to Arjun, she will finally fall in love with Arjun, thus deciding to express her love to him.

In one-of-a-kind proposals (which will be revealed soon), Maya will PROPOSE to Arjun and tell him that she loves him.

And this proposal would be nothing less of a drama, where this proposal will come across as a shock to Arjun.

Wondering what would Arjun’s answer be..??

Well, Arjun would REJECT Maya’s proposal and tell that he doesn’t love her.

And then would come the much awaited moment, where Maya would unleash her ‘beyhadh’ side and take a drastic step on facing rejection.

Maya will try to commit suicide.

OMG! Yes! While Maya will try to commit suicide; on learning the same, Arjun would rush to her to save her.

Arjun would then end up telling Maya that he loves her too.

And thus begins the ‘Beyhadh’ love story of Arjun and Maya. Wonder how will this go down with Saanjh (Aneri Vajani)!!

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