Kunal to forget Shraddha in Meri Bhabhi

The week focused on Anand and Kittu. They were everywhere all through the week. Anand and Kittu went through a sphere of misunderstandings. When Kittu helped Shraddha to unite with Kunal and asked her to marry her brother, Shraddha agreed and went to the temple with her to marry Kunal. Soon, when both the families came there, the marriage was called off. Shraddha lost Papa’s trust and Kunal lost the entry in the Shergill family. This led Anand to go against Kittu and kick her out of his life. Shraddha felt guilty that it all happened because of her. Kittu has thrown out of the house and Anand’s life.

Anand had no pity for her. Anand did not wish to hear any word from Kittu as she has broken his trust and has cheated him by taking Shraddha to the temple. Anand left Kittu at her parent’s house. Kittu has heart broken and felt that there is no love and trust between her and Anand. Papa asks Anand to give divorce to Kittu only to make him realize what Kittu means for him. Anand agrees for the divorce. Kittu feels that their relation was only a structure with nothing finite in it. Kunal and Shraddha decides to bring Anand and Kittu closer by fooling Anand saying Kittu is expecting a baby. Anand gets happy knowing Kittu is pregnant. Anand feels he is going to become a father and should forgive Kittu and move on in life with her and the child.

Anand tears the divorce papers and accepts Kittu back in his life. Papa and Mummy brings Kittu back and Anand starts caring for her. He takes so much care that everyone starts suspecting what is the reason behind it. Then comes their Jaipur trip when Kittu and Anand go together. Anand sends Kittu home and her car breaks down on the highway. Kittu calls Shraddha and informs her about the status. Shraddha and Kunal were together at the moment and leave to meet Kittu on the highway.

Shraddha and Kunal get stuck there because of an accident. They have no option but to spend their night at Decent lodge which is not decent at all. The police raids in the lodge and Kunal and Shraddha are arrested by them. They are interrogated badly and Shraddha is embarrassed as she is caught in this situation only because of Kunal. Shraddha calls Kittu and asks for help. Purshottam and Kittu bring Kunal and Shraddha back home and does not tell anyone about their whereabouts.

Everything is going on fine, till Shraddha tells about the lie to Kittu. Kittu is shocked. Anand brings Kittu home and breaks the news to everyone that Kittu is pregnant. Everyone are happy to have a new member in their family. They throw a surprise party for Kittu. Kittu cannot accept this fake happiness and tells Anand that she is not pregnant. Anand is disheartened and blames Kittu for lying to him to get back in his life. He gets angry on Kittu and hurts her a lot by his harsh words. Kunal and Shraddha tell Anand that it was their idea to lie to him about Kittu’s pregnancy. They say that it is not Kittu’s mistake and even she was unaware of it.

Anand meets Jasmeet, his lawyer friend, who shakes his conscience and asks him to think about Kittu who is innocent like he is. She says even Kittu did not know about this. Anand realizes his mistake and comes home to apologize to Kittu only to know that Kittu has left the house. The search for Kittu begins. Anand finally finds Kittu near water and he thinks she is about to commit suicide. He jumps in the water to save her though he does not know swimming. He is about to drown but Kittu saves him. They patch up cutely and come back home. Kunal tells everyone that it is solely his mistake.

Kamini asks Kunal to forget Shraddha if he wants to see Kittu happy. Kunal agrees for Kittu’s sake. He tells the Shergill family that he won’t turn back to see Shraddha ever and will never come back in her life. This shocks everyone in the family. Kamini is happy with Kunal’s move. Will Kunal keep up his words? Can he really forget Shraddha? Will their love reach its destination? Will Kittu bring happiness in Shraddha’s life? Keep glued to get the answers in next week’s update.