Kidnapping drama in Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiyaa

Star Bharat’s number one show Nimki Mukhiyaa is doing well with the mass. The viewership of the show is increasing everyday.
now has some scoop for the viewers, on what is coming this week.
Our sources inform us that finally after a brief dispute, Nimki (Bhumika Gurung) will agree to stand for the elections. As we earlier reported, the party will accept Nimki’s quirky condition for contesting for the election only when she is gifted a bathtub.
Now we hear, once Nimki accepts the proposal to contest the elections, the real drama will ensue. In the coming episodes, Babbu’s (Abhishek Sharma) brother Diamond Singh (Jatin Suri) will happen to chance over Nimki’s election campaign pamphlet. He will show it to his father Tettar Singh and his brother. Furious Tettar will order Diamond to abduct the father- daughter duo and bring them to him.
“Nimki and her father will be brought in front of Tettar Singh and there will be heated contention,” a little birdie informed.
It will be interesting to know what Tettar says to Nimki and her father in the episode.
On the other hand, Tettar will announce his maid Jhumri as the candidate who will contest the elections from his party. This will lead to a lot of confusion in the minister’s family. Jhumri’s absence will leave the housemates bewildered because their buffalo will get out of control.
Sounds like too much of drama and fun already.

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