Karan Tacker's car meets with an accident

Television performing artist Karan Tacker met with a mishap when a bicycle chanced upon his auto.

The performer was headed when a bicycle with three young men came seething and chanced upon his auto. On getting down from his auto he saw every one of them three without caps for their wellbeing. At first the on-screen character was very fomented over the way that they were all without head protectors, however in the wake of seeing them all shaken up by the episode, he let them abandon saying much.

However, the performer made a point to reveal to them that it was so hazardous to drive so quick without a cap on a bicycle, he likewise didn’t keep them down for their blame.

The young men, who were in stun after the mishap apologized to Karan Tacker and left from the place.

Karan’s auto has gone to the carport to get settled.

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