Kajalata actress Debchandrima says that chocolates and sweets are her weakness

Debchandrima Singha Roy, who is currently essaying the pivotal role of Lata in Colors Bangla’s Kajalata, says that she can’t resist sweets and chocolates.
“Sweets and chocolates are my favourite. I can survive the whole day on these two. Actually, my love for sweet begins from sugar. So, I love to eat anything that is sweet in taste.” Debchandrima said to .
She added with a smile, “I do not like dishes like Biryani and fried rice. I am happy if I am given chocolate and sweet dishes.”
Debchandrima, being a part of a profession where maintaining fitness and proper health is of utmost importance, does she follow diet?
The pretty lady quipped, “Of course, following a proper diet is very important. However, I do not follow because I love to eat. Whenever I feel that I have put on weight, I start eating cucumber and curd to reduce weight but, after two days, I am back to my chocolates and sweets.”
“But yes, one thing that I follow is to drink plenty of water and lots of fruits. I think these two are very important for our health,” she signed off.
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