Justin Bieber's India concert was a 'total mess up': Read SHOCKING details of what went wrong!

The Purpose Tour show in Mumbai was an immense case of bungle…

Justin Bieber’s India visit was as fleeting as ever. While the PR group had conveyed a 4-day schedule for the pop symbol’s stay in the nation, nothing of that sort has happened.

As per crisp reports, Justin has officially left the nation the previous evening, subsequent to wrapping up his execution in Mumbai. What’s more, sources who went to the show reveal to us that it was an intensely botched occasion.

What individuals are tering as ‘an aggregate foul up’, the occasion’s PR and administration group didn’t effectively guarantee appropriate security to big names and even the group. Performing artists like Bipasha Basu needed to leave the setting inside 5 minutes in light of the fact that there wasn’t sufficient security to control the distraught group.

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What made Justin Bieber Apologize to his fans amidst his India show?

There was no toiler or drinking water offices accessible in the close region which added to individuals’ burdens. Not only that, a jug of water was being sold for Rs 100!

Disregard all that, the PR group clearly made trouble with numerous journos and even manhandled a portion of the copyists. In spite of the fact that the writers had achieved the setting a long time before their stipulated time, no game plans had been made and they were made to sit tight for one more hour, just to be informed that lone select agents will be permitted inside. A few media faculty from the nation and even universal stages were dismissed.

Justin Bieber wows Indian fans, says farewell to fans with a “namaste” as group waves the tricolor!

It simply doesn’t end there. The PR group had as far as anyone knows conveyed a rundown of things on Justin’s schedule in India. While, now Justin’s left without anybody having even an indication. It could well be a direct result of the hotch-potch that the entire PR and occasion administration group did. In spite of the fact that Justin and his show was a colossal hit, we can’t generally say the same in regards to the group taking care of the occasion.

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