Jhanvi to come out as a 'Lesbian' in the And TV show..!

The track of the show has been progressing towards it..

And TV took a bold step in itself to portray a show like ‘Queens Hai Hum.’ The show, since day one has struck the eye of many, where it has been showcasing bold and never-seen-before content on Indian television.

And the upcoming track of the show is sure to attract several eyeballs. The character of Jhanvi portrayed by actress, Shaily Priya Pandey will come out as a lesbian.

It will so happen that Janvi’s parents will want her to get married, but she will not be able to tell them that she is indeed a lesbian. And things will change completely, when she will agree for the association, but will however get her assistant, Kinjal (Prarthi Dholakia) married to the person.

The actress mentioned on how she found it really challenging to play the role but after initial hesitancy, she took it upon herself to portray the character.

Are you excited to watch this track

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