Jethalal’s ‘gambling woes’ in SAB TV’s Taarak Mehta…

Troubles in Jethalal’s life are never ending.
So readers and avid viewers of the show, gear up for yet another exciting track revolving around Jetha (Dilip Joshi) and Bapuji (Amit Bhatt) in SAB TV’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (Neela Telefilms).
In the upcoming episodes, Bapuji will invite Jethaalal for a stroll but the latter will refuse as he would want to play cards instead. Here, Bapuji will get angry as he believes that playing cards is nothing short of gambling.
The next morning, Bapuji, Jethaalal and Iyer will be seen sitting together in the Gada house when
Bapuji will receive a call from a stranger saying that Jethaalal has lost Rs. 35,000 in a bet! Not only that, the caller will threaten him to return the money immediately! Bapuji will be left livid and will question Jethalal if this is true?
Jethaalal would refuse but Bapuji won’t be convinced. In the urge to find out what exactly is his son upto, he will ask Nattu Kaka and Bagha whether Jethalal bets daily. The duo will inform Baouji that Jethalal does leave early but are cluesless about where he goes post work.
Bapuji will lose his mind and would lock himself in his room while Jethaalal and Iyer will try to persuade Bapuji to come out. On discussing the same with Anjali, Mehta and Bhide, they will find out that Bapuji borrowed money from all of them and is on his way to somewhere.
Abdul would tell them that Bapuji has gone to Bandarwada, where the bets are set and that it is an area ruled by goons. Jethaalal will panic and will decide to approach the police for accomapnying him to Bandarwada so that he csan resuce his dad.
What will happen next? Is Jethaalal really involved in betting?

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