Jay Bhanushali mourns the death of his makeup man

Jay Bhanushali is an extremely rational on-screen character. He never separates between his group and considers them equivalent and treats them with a similar regard he gets. Additionally when he enjoys a man, he chooses to work with him or her for whatever length of time that conceivable.

One such individual was Prashant Gurav, a cosmetics man from the Television Industry. Just about 10 years prior, When Jay Bhanushali made his introduction, Prashant inquired as to whether he could do his make up. Also, from that day Prashant remained his make-up man for every one of the demonstrates that Jay took up.

Throughout the years Prashant had turned into a relative for Jay and his significant other Mahhi. Mahhi even used to attach Rakhi to him.

Prashant met with a mischance while coming back from an excursion and Jay was alarmed to hear this news. He set up a post grieving Prashant’s passing.

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