It was too complex for the TV audience: Ashish Sharma on Prithvi Vallabh’s failure

MUMBAI: Ashish Sharma raised eyebrows with his strong performance in the historical saga Prithvi Vallabh. The show aired on Sony TV and was supposed to be a game changer for the television space. However, the magnum opus fizzled out and couldn’t do wonders on the rating charts. The weekly series which was also supposed to have a season two failed to grab the required limelight and was pulled off air. Despite having strong characters and impactful storyline, the plans of season two have been scrapped.

The cast and crew recently wrapped up the shooting for the same. In an exclusive conversation with business cash, Ashish, who played the titular role in the show, gave out his reaction on the shutdown of the show. The hunky lad said, “I’m fine, not upset as such. I enjoyed it. My contract is over now.” He also mentioned how ratings of TV shows don’t really affect him. “Whether it works or it doesn’t, is something not in my hands. Something which is not in my hand won’t affect me at all.”

On being asked the reason why the series didn’t work, Sharma had a very logical response. “According to my point of view, I can only see two reasons and these are strictly my perspective. Firstly, it aired on weekends. At that time and the weekend slot, nobody wants to see a fiction show. People either want to see non-fiction or go out, and have fun. Secondly, right now these kinds of storytelling need another platform and not TV. It was too complex for the TV audience maybe. If it would have aired on digital it would have done far better.”

Recently, the actor was also buzzing when the reports about him refusing to kiss his co-actress Sonarika Bhadoria onscreen surfaced. Sharma shared that nothing really happened. “Even before we started shooting, the kiss was always a part of the script. However, I was clear that I won’t do it. Because the way it was a part of the story, it was not necessary as such for us to actually do it. Till the time it is not that essential to show us, I don’t want to do it. Nonetheless, they got the buzz they wanted; it aired on TV the way it was supposed to. It was just there to sensationalize and the purpose was done, locking lips were not really required,” said the actor.

Ashish, however, revealed that he doesn’t mind kissing on screen if he finds it necessary.

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