Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 is a Hindi television soap opera, that premièred 26 August 2013, airing Monday to Friday on Star Plus. It is a sequel of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? with a new plot and new cast and characters.The previous soap opera left the air on 30 November 2012.

The story revolves around two individuals, Aastha and Shlok, who have completely different natures. Aastha is a free-minded girl who can do anything for the people who are right and handles all relations. Shlok on the other hand, believes in wealth more than relations. He has a miserable past which makes him hate girls and his mother. Shlok is having a morning run and is thinking about a girl laughing which makes him angry. Aastha takes her old -age home friends to an event. When she reaches there she is shocked to the sign housefull. But she gets the tickets from one of Shlok’s employee who misunderstood her to be somebody else.

However, the man later lies to Shlok to save his job, that the girl persuaded him that she was a relative of a wealthy person. Shlok had reserved the tickets for someone else which Aastha occupied. At the end of the show, Shlok says that he hates lies. Aastha realizes her mistake and goes to him to ask forgiveness. Shlok grabs her hand and takes her away. He taunts her and tells her that because of her mistake he is in loss of crores. Aastha says sorry again and again but Shlok comes closer to her and breaks her bangles injuring her hand. Aastha calls him a demon.

However, after a series of events,Aastha has realised her love for Shlok and also wanted him to confess the love she thinks he has for her but later on due to Anjali’s bitter comments she decides not to reveal her love for him and tries to stay away from him. But Shlok always finding a reason to make her feel uncomfortable and due to that she also shouts at him and tells him that he is her problem.

Later, Shlok also confesses that he loves Aastha, and Aastha is very happy. Aastha and Shlok are married after Shlok openly declares Aastha as his future wife in a family event. Shlok’s mother, is a very strict person and is now attempting to transform Aastha into the daughter-in-law she wants; one who obeys her every command. But on their first night,Shlok reveals Aastha that he didn’t love her and the marriage is not a matter to him. Moreover, her life turns into hell as she is forced by Shlok’s mother to follow the insensible and humiliating rules or prathas. But Aastha’s tongue is tied, she can’t reveal any of this to her parents, else Shlok by cronspiracy, will put Aastha’s father into a false case of corruption. Also, Shlok’s sister, Jyoti’s life is shown in parallel,who is Astha’s friend but is being physically harassed and tortured by her in-laws.

However, Aasthas fathe r is areestedAastha’s patience come to an end as she misunderstands that herfather was arrested due to Shlok’s conspiracy. She openly reveals how how she had been tolerating Shlok’s blackmails since months and leaves. When Aastha’s mother comes to know about this, she gets infuriated and tells her daughter to go for divorce. But Aastha herself is confused; a part of her hates Shlok for his torture, but a part of her is also in immense love with him. Before anything could happen, Shlok, on his fathers’s command, goes to bring Aastha back, and when she refuses, he drags her, and holds her up like a doll and forcefully brings her back. Police is involved as this was domestic violence.Meanwhile it is revealed that Shlok’s mother, Anjali is not the villain, she is a good one. Shlok’s father is the real villian who inflicts physical violence upon Anjali.