Imli 'VOWS' to make Bhaiyaji's life 'HELL' in Udann!

Vivaan shocked to discover his mother in support of Bhaiyaji…

Bhaiyajji is back to make Chakor and her loved one’s life hell in Udann!

In the upcoming episodes, Vivaan will be shocked to learn about his mother, Ranjana standing in support of an evil man like Bhaiyaji. The torture will only increase in the coming episodes as Tejaswini will be asked to massage Ranjana’s feet and on not being content with her services, Bhaiyaji will kick her. Suraj will rush to Tejaswini’s rescue and will sympathize with her condition.

A source informs, “It was Chakor who had given Bhaiyaji a taste of his own medicine in the past. With Bhaiyaji coming back and making their life hell once again, Imli will join hands with Chakor to put an end to Bhaiyaji’s ego and crime.”

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