I wish Kapil will offer me a lovely character one day: Ali Asgar

Versatile actor, Ali Asgar, who has made a mark in the genre of comedy with his stint as Dadi and Nani with ace comedian Kapil Sharma, is back to entertain the audience with Sony TV’s upcoming comedy show, The Drama Company.
Ali will be seen donning different avatars in the upcoming show wherein the celebrities will also take part.
When asked if the format of the show is similar to that of The Kapil Sharma Show, Ali told us, “There are no similarities between the two as such. There will be one drama in every episode and the celebrities will be integrated into it. There is no permanent character that I will be seen playing on the show. The audience will get to see me in different characters as per the demand of the stories.”
Further, we asked Ali about his decision of quitting The Kapil Sharma Show. He commented, “There was no growth in the character and that’s why I took an exit. It wasn’t like I was bored of doing that but it was mentally affecting me because I couldn’t see any growth in it.”
“Kapil was always and will always be my friend. He is my colleague and we have been together for almost four years. There was a creative problem and as a professional actor, I took this decision. I told the creative team that my contract is about to get over and I don’t wish to renew it. I informed the channel too about my decision and if I were wrong then the channel wouldn’t have forgiven me. They were justified with my decision and even Kapil was,” he added.
So will he work with Kapil again in near future? He answered, “I will surely work with him as he is my friend. I wish he will offer me a lovely character one day.”
Ali has explored a lot as an actor but is there still anything left that he would like to explore? He said, “I have done theatres, films, etc. but I am still hungry for roles. Acting is like an ocean and you get to learn a lot of things once you plunge into it. Every time you come on stage, you feel that there is a lot to do. I want to do something negative, like a grey role so that people can hate me.”
Good luck, Ali!

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