I was offended by what Akash said: Lucinda Nicholas

She was expected to be the new firangi girl who would make eyes twirl and skip heart beats. Lucinda was expected to be a firecracker in the glass walled house, however, just a few days has passed since the show began and the firecracker fizzled already. The Australian babe got out of the house in just two and a half weeks. In a sudden eviction, Nicholas who was pitted against her co-padosi Luv Tyagi , had to walk out of the show.
In an exclusive chat with , Lucinda shared her disappointment on getting out of the show. “I was surprised and shocked to get in the task. I’m disappointed; I thought if I stayed longer I would have been a great contestant.”
In the previous editions, Elli Evram, Mandana Karimi, Claudia Ciesla and such foreign beauties made a mark through the show. They were cherished not just for their good looks but also for their strong persona. Lucinda however remained mostly invisible in the reality show. “I was given a complete different task. I was in the padosi house and was given a secret task. I was not comfortable with shouting in the first place. That’s not my personality. I didn’t get an opportunity to reveal my personality,” she shared.
Lucinda further added, “I feel my eviction was unfair. Had I been through the same procedure, I wouldn’t have gone out. I could have given more content, if the whole task was not introduced.”
Lucinda who has worked in films in the South entered the house as a civilian. Despite her being in the glam world, she could have entered the house as a celebrity. To this she quipped, “I didn’t know what I was entering as. I don’t know why I was chosen as a commoner and not a celebrity. The makers would be the best to reply.”
The only high point the model’s journey in the show was when Akash Dadlani was trying to get close to her. He also passed a cheap comment on her. “I got offended by what Akash said. I think he should be more sensitive towards women. I did tell him that I’m not interested. He is funny but there’s a line that should not be crossed. But he always had his way through rapping and dancing,” she shared.
The chances of her re-entry in the show are bleak but the lady is up for it if given a chance. “My journey in the show was incomplete. It is unfortunate! If I was given a chance I would surely go back in the house.”
Back in her home country, Bigg Boss has its own version in the name of Big Brother Australia. “I have never considered that show, In India due to its population, the audience is larger for Bigg Boss, and over there the audience is less. Plus the Australian series has explicit content. I’m not for up to be seen like that that is the reason I never considered it. I knew this was not how the Indian version is,” Lucinda revealed.
Lucinda, post her elimination wishes to explore her knack of acting. wishes her best wishes for her future endeavours.

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