I was asked to choose between family and tantra vidya: Bigg Boss fame Sshivani Durgah

Last year, Swami Om’s antics in Bigg Boss house was the most discussed topic. His infamous acts didn’t just cease in the house, it continued even outside the house. Om Jha was slapped and was beaten up on national television.
This year as well, the makers have brought a female tantric in the glass-walled house. Sshivani Durgah is one of the most discussed commoners due to her controversial career. However Durgah’s aim is not to grab unnecessary eyeballs and make controversies.
In an exclusive chat with , Sshivani Durgah revealed everything about her that you didn’t know.
“I’m very positive about my journey in the show. I have a motive behind entering the house. I want to send across a message in the Bigg Boss mansion. I want to clean the dirt Swami Om and other ‘Babas’ have bestrewn. The youth today demands for rational and practical ideologies which is why I have studied Tantra Vidya. I want to show the positive side of the Sadhu Samaj, Om and other babas have spread too much negativity. I’m sure people will judge me inside the house, but I will only try to be myself. I don’t want to create any controversies,” Sshivani said.
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Remind her of the season 10’s first episode, wherein Swami Om, promised Lopamudra to make her win the show using black magic, and Durgah bursts in to laughter. “Tantra Vidya is a very pure form of energy. You can’t colour magic, so what is black magic? TANTRA is an energy that is bestowed by lord and you inculcate for positivity, so you can’t use it to win a show or for any wrong doings. I’m a very practical tantric.”
So does that mean that after promoting her message Sshivani won’t be interested in winning the show? The lady adds, “I want to prove that I’m worth living. So for me, wining the show is not that important. I just want to prove myself that I have done something for the society. And Bigg Boss tells you where you stand in real life. As far as the tasks are concerned, I’ll do whatever is possible from my end. It all depends; I won’t do anything that is out of Sadhu samaj’s norms. For me victory will be when my message will be understood.”
We swiftly shifted the topic of discussion to her personal life. In a spur to know her intimately, asked her about her personal life. “I was married but I gave up it all up four years ago when I chose Sanatan Dharma. My family was very clear that I had to choose them or tantra and here I’m today as a tantric. My friend Sachin Shukla has been very close to me and in fact he is the one who did everything before I entered the house, I have 3 pets and a daughter who is a fashion designer. My daughter was very scared of me entering the show. She was skeptical that just like Swami Om, even I’ll turn a national fool. People have lots of expectations from me entering the show and I’ll try to live up to that.”
Durgah isn’t attracted to glamour and celebrity lifestyle despite entering the controversial show. “I always wanted to do Bigg Boss, it is like a dream. Posts the show I wont do any other reality show. And not to forget, I had a crush on Salman, as a girl, when I was a class nine student,” she concludes.

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