I just wish my life to be happy like the way it is: Rati on her birthday

Time to sing the birthday jingle for the talented beauty of the T-Town, Rati Pandey!
Rati, who has impressed the audience with her acting skills in popular shows like Miley Jab Hum Tum, Hitler Didi and many more, is soon to be seen on Sony TV’s upcoming mega project Porus.
She is currently shooting for her upcoming series in Umbargaon which is a small town in Gujarat. Luckily, the birthday girl has go
t a day off today to celebrate the special day with her family and friends.
got in touch with Rati to wish her an amazing birthday and to ask about her plans for the day.
Rati shared with us, “I have no plans for the day yet. I was supposed to shoot today but luckily my production team informed me last night that I have been given an off and I am happy about it. My family has come all the way from Mumbai yesterday and we all partied a lot last night. We partied so much that the production people asked us to lower the volume because everyone else is sleeping (laughs). It was sweet of my close friends to come all the way from Mumbai with gifts and cakes to make my day special. All my close friends are here so it’s a happening birthday for me.”
“We are planning to visit some beach resort and there are some beautiful beaches out here (Umbargaon) so we all are planning to go there, relax and pamper ourselves,” added Rati.
We also asked the birthday girl, if she has any special wishes for her birthday. She told us, “I don’t ever wish on my birthday. There is no certain day that I wish for something. I pray every day to God for myself and the well being of my friends and family. I just wish my life to be happy like the way it is. I like to celebrate my birthday with happiness around in the presence of my loved ones. Like every year, this year too I will visit a temple to seek the lord’s blessings on my birthday.”

Gifts make birthdays even more special! Every gift is important in its own way but some of them turn out to be extra special. We asked Rati if she has received any
gift that was memorable this year on her birthday. She told us, “My friend has gifted me a wine glass crafted with silver. It looks beautiful and royal. It’s the sweetest gift that I have received this year.”
Fans of Rati are leaving no stones unturned to make her day special with their lovely wishes on social media. Overwhelmed with their love, Rati has a message for them too. She told, “I am in a very low network area since a month so I am not able to post anything for my fans. Today, I may surprise them with a live chat that I have never done before. I don’t know about the timing though. Please don’t complain if I am not able to connect with you guys and remain inactive from my social media. I am totally cut off from my phone. Wait for my new show and you guys will get to see me on-screen very soon. I can’t even do any birthday segments because I am far away from Mumbai. So I am really sorry for the delayed birthday segment.”

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