I am strong and independent like Anita-Saumya Tandon

Saumya Tandon, who is main lead in Binaifer and Sanjay Kohli’s (Edit II) hit show Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai, says that the show holds a special meaning for her. The actor adds that the show is loved by the audience. “I can unhesitatingly say that the show is one of the best on Indian TV. I had not attempted doing comedy ever and I explored this genre with one of the best producer-director and writer in comedy on TV. I was very reluctant to join the daily soap bandwagon but I am glad I picked this show. I tried and explored a lot of things as an actor in this show and I did evolve as an actor,” she says.

Talking about her career and looking glamrous, she says, “The glamorous look is what I am. I don’t think anything is going to change in me per se as a person just because I’m a mother. Things have changed. I am a modern woman and the old perception of motherhood has changed. Look at all the Hollywood actresses they are mothers of 2 to 3 kids and they are back in shape walking glamorous. Nothing is gonna change just because I had a baby or I got married.” Looking back at the year and how having a baby affected her life, the talented actress believes that it is all about managing time.

Saumya has a lot in common with her character. “I am strong and independent like Anita. I wish I could make all men dance around on my fingers, that doesn’t happen in real life. On-screen Anita has a house husband, who she keeps nagging to work. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong if the wife works outside and a husband works at home. There are no rules in life. Equality is what I believe in and men and women should not be bound by stereotypes,” she says. The show is also close to her heart as it has given her the chance to work with Binaifer and Sanjay Kohli. “What Is the best I like about my producers is that they gave me total freedom to work as an actor. Also, they have given me one of the boldest, strongest and an independent TV heroine’s role, which is very rare on Indian TV. Their shoot is always on time and we hardly ever do overtime work. Their shoots are organised and efficient which is a boon for daily soaps since we work every day,” she says.

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