Honey Bee attack on Kaala Teeka!

Kaali to face some of the most lethal creatures on Kaala Teeka!

Kaala Teeka has recently seen a lot of major twists and turns in the story. This has led to the increase in viewership as the show is featuring a very dramatic track. The makers have taken it up a notch and have decided to add some more action in the show!

In the upcoming episodes of Kaala Teeka, Honey Bees manage to get inside the house! And not just a few but an entire swarm gets into the house. Everyone notice the bees and make a run for it while covering themselves. After a while, Everyone gets out but Vishwaveer gets stuck inside!

The family panics and loose all hope. But then Kaali will decide to be the hero and walks right into the Bee infested house. After going through a lot of lethal bees, Kaali manages to save Vishwaveer! They come out and everyone is grateful of Kaali to have saved Vishwaveer!

Could it get any more heroic?!

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