Have Parth Samthaan and Vikas Gupta patched up?

MUMBAI: TV actor Parth Samthaan and producer Vikas Gupta share a bond that can’t be easily described in words. The history that they share could easily make a blockbuster movie. Vikas gave Parth his big break in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan in the character of Manik Malhotra. However, things soon ended up on a wrong turn. Dirty linens were cleaned in public and the industry was divided into two clans.

Post the controversy, Parth and Vikas both have refrained from talking about each other for years now. Rumour mills suggest things might change now for good.

The two who were once close friends stumbled upon each other last night (22 May) at the birthday bash of popular singer Palash Muchhal. And it seems, Parth and Vikas who worked together in many shows have mended their ways.

Parth and Vikas’s good friend Anshuman Malhotra shared a picture on Instagram along with the duo. As Malhotra rightly said, “Palash made the unthinkable possible.”

If Malhotra’s caption is read with much concern, you’ll realize that apparently the duo has buried the hatched and have moved on.

Anshuman stated on his Instagram post, “…taught me how beautifully to leave negativity behind, to forgive and be a happy human being. You are right keeping anger and negativity only pulls you down Even if someone has done wrong doesn’t mean you do wrong back. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. Be a bigger person. To happy and positive times what amazing grace both of you… (sic).”

Adding on, in one of the exclusive interviews with business cash, Parth very aptly added, “Forget everything; be positive and be happy because in the end it’s all about happiness. If you feel like doing something that makes you happy then just do it. Rather regretting of not doing, just do it! At some point, you’ll realize what would you do with so much of negativity? What will you get out of it? You won’t be getting awarded for sure. You will only get affected by it.”

(I would like to get naughty with Nia Sharma and Erica Fernandez: Vikas Gupta)

Surely, the hot hunk has practised what he has preached. And we are so happy for them. Cheers to this positivity!

We dropped a text to Vikas and Parth for their takes. However, we didn’t get any revert from their end.

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