Guys chill, Vir Das is not replacing Kapil Sharma on Sony TV

Mumbai: Off late there have been reports about internet star Vir Das replacing Kapil Sharma on Sony TV. Amidst the hullaballoo revolving around Kapil Sharma during his tough times, the GEC has decided to pull the plug of the newly launched The Family Time With Kapil Sharma.

According to an online portal, the channel is in talks with Vir Das to come up with a show replacing Kapil Sharma. However it seems the news is nothing but a mere speculation; at least according to the actor. Vir Das released a statement on the reports on his social media account. In his statement he stated that he is not in talks with any network to do any show. In fact he is not doign any show on any network. He also cleared that he develops his own projects from scratch and based on his own comedic ideas.

This is exactly what he posted,

Just yesterday, business cash reported about Comedy Circus returning to Sony TV. A credible source confirms that the show is indeed coming back and taking the time slot of the comedy show.

Talks are currently at initial stage and talks are happening. Nothing is concrete whether who will be on the show, however the series is coming that is for sure.

Remember, business cash was the first to report about.

For Vir, we would have loved to see him on TV screens.

Stay tuned to business cash for more updates.

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