Ghuman caught by Danny and Kabir; Everyone try to stop Saras and Aarti’s marriage in Saraswatichandra

Aarti tries calling Ghuman but everyone keep an eye on her and stop her rom talking. Aarti comes in kitchen and calls. She says I want to meet you, but its tough to come out of this house. Kabir and Danny hear this. Kabir says whom was she talking to. Danny says I heard everything, I m after her since morning, we caught her. Aarti goes out to meet someone. Danny, Kabir see her going. They follow her hiding out. They come to the asylum after her but miss her out. Aarti meets Ghuman and gives all updates and says she will free her soon. Ghuman is glad. Kumud cries thinking about Saraswati’s words. She sees her room open and goes to see her.

She sees Aarti being much happy and adoring herself in the mirror donning a beautiful dupatta. Kumud thinks what is Aarti doing, I felt she is doing this being helpless for Maa’s sake. Ghuman tries to open the door. The guard catches her and says whats going on, you are patient, what are you doing here in nurse’s clothes. Ghuman acts mad and gets saved. Saraswati says its Aarti and Chandra’s engagement. Kumud cries seeing Aarti and Saras. Saraswati gives a ring to Aarti. Saras looks at Badimaa with tears in his eyes. Aarti holds the rings and looks at SarasSaraswati asks them to exchange rings as mahurat will pass by.

Saras takes his hands back. Saras looks at Kumud. She signs him yes and cries. He looks at the Lord and thinks he can’t wear any other ring, help me Lord. Saraswati sees Saras’ hand burnt and gets afraid. She says no engagement now. Saraswati says direct marriage now, everyone is shocked again. Aarti smiles. Kumud asks Saras why did he burn his hand. He says I told you I won’t wear ring of anyone else’ name, don’t say this is because of you. She says Maa said now marriage will happen directly, this is the truth. He says its not the truth, the truth is Saras and Kumud’s love.

Danny sees Ghuman’s pic and says he hates her. He throws the pic and Saraswati gets it and says she is my friend in asylum. Kumud hears this and takes the pic. She is shocked to see its Ghuman. Kumud thinks to find out and goes to the asylum. Kumud asks the doctor is she in this hospital. Doctor says yes, do you know her. Kumud says no, Maa talks about her. Dcotor says she is like friend of Saraswati, she is mentally unstable so shifted here from jail. Kumud is shocked. Kumud is shocked to see Ghuman being so mad.

Aarti thinks Saras stopped the engagement, but marriage should not be stopped, it should be done soon, I will prepare Kaki for it. She fills Saraswati’s ears and says pandit said good mahurat is today. Saraswati agrees and calls everyone to keep marriage today. They are shocked. Kumud is in shock and gets Saras’ call. He says Maa got attack again, don’t worry, Aarti gave her injection and she is better now, she is saying marriage has to happen todayShe says don’t tell anything, everything will be fine. Kumud calls Danny and says she saw Ghuman in asylum. Danny talks to Kabir and Yash that this is happening because of Aarti, but don’t know whom she was talking to.

Kabir says we can know if we check her phone. They get her phone and message Ghuman to come out and they will free her. Ghuman is glad to run out and gets kidnapped by them. Kumud asks Saras to do what Maa wants, trust me, if our love is true, Kanha ji will show some way. He says he knows her love will be always be with him. She hugs him. The marriage day comes and everyone have a skit to make Saraswati remember things. Anushka comes and says we want to present you a story, it has happiness, pain, love, hatred, deceive, life and death. Its story of Laxminandan and Saraswati. Danny and Kusum dress up like them.

The whole story is shown to her. Kabir brings Ghuman there. Everyone ask Saraswati to identify Ghuman. Saraswati shows her this is Ghuman. Ghuman is shocked. Everyone smile. Saraswati then says she is my friend shocking everyone. She asks Saras to touch her feet and Ghuman laughs. Ghuman says I came, your friend came without invitation. She says she had to come as its very big day today, a happy day for you. Saraswati says he is my Chandra. Saras and everyone are shocked to see Ghuman out of jail. What will Ghuman do next to take revenge from Saras and Kumud? Keep reading.