I get a lot of compliments for my look now- Shardul Pandit

On-screen character Shardul Pandit, who is as of now depicting the male lead on the show Kuldeepak, has another look in the show. Since Bandini Shardul’s on and off-screen persona has changed a great deal.


Talking about his evolving looks, Shardul says,”When I ventured in the business I just focused on acting and progressed toward becoming 62 kgs from 110 kgs for my part in Bandini. Amid that time I likewise shot without cosmetics. I got rave surveys however then I comprehended on TV no one but acting can’t benefit you not at all like movies. So I began taking a shot at it. The part I play in Kuldeepak is a smart, smooth and tasteful Collector. Thus I took a shot at my haircut and facial hair. I wish we could change our looks in view of our characters yet on TV regardless of what you play you need to look great. Jo Dikhta hai vo bikta hai.”

Talking about the build Shardul says,”I give it as much significance as a performer ought to give, am not one of those fixated on-screen characters who are fastidious about their looks constantly. In the middle of shots, I depend on my cameraman and chief to call attention to out in the event that I require a touch-up. I can’t look in the mirror continually, I would rather act. Hair, cosmetics and garments are essential components on TV.”

For his look in Kuldeepak Shardul has got awesome criticism. He adds,”I get a considerable measure of compliments for my look now, particularly the grin, hair and styling. I needed to break the observation that I can’t be a main man. Individuals thought I can just play a more youthful sibling to the saint. So all because of the search we have made for Devang that he is a sentimental, yet a solid driving man.I dependably get the chance to hear I look extremely youthful on screen. Truly, am cheerful no protestations.”

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