Gauahar Khan takes a stand against Islamophobia; slams Donald Trump

The beautiful Gauahar Khan is known to be a straightforward woman who raises her voice against injustice. Her stint in Bigg Boss 7 was a clear evidence of that. The leggy lass is not merely a pretty face but a voice that makes sense.
2 October 2017, marked a sad day when a sniper started firing at random people during a Las Vegas concert. The shooting was a sheer tragedy in the name of humanity. The name of the accused is Stephen Paddock.
Well, what caught Gauahar’s attention was the fact that the whole incident was called a shooting massacre and not a terrorist attack. The reason being that the accused is not a Muslim!
Gauahar thundered on social media with her opinions boldly replying to US’s president Donald Trump commeThe Bigg Boss winner also re-tweeted many tweets audaciously to prove her point.

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