Ganpati celebration in Sony TV’s Peshwa Bajirao

Devotees cannot wait for the Bappa to arrive!
Sony Entertainment Television’s Peshwa Bajirao (Sphereorigins) will soon see themselves coloured in ‘Gulaal’ for the Ganpati festivities.
According to our sources, Bajirao and his family will venerate Ganapati Bappa at their ‘Mahal’. The celebration will take place on a grand scale.
However, when the moneylenders will witness grand arrangements at the ‘Mahal’ they would ask Bajirao to return their money.
This would leave him shell-shocked. Finally, the womenfolk in the family will decide to sell off their precious jewellery to pay off their debts. Bajirao will also consider abandoning the ‘Peshwa’ throne.
Will Bajirao surely surrender his Peshwaai? What will be the repercussions? What impact will it have on the Maratha empire? There are so many questions lurking now and the best we can do is to just wait and watch.
We reached to actors but they remained unavailable to comment.

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