Former model pretends to be a lesbian for Bigg Boss?

MUMBAI: Makers always walk the extra mile to garner more revenue from a show. Well, that’s how the television and digital industries work. Audiences also love watching reality shows as much as they love saas-bahu serials.

business cash is back with another scoop from the television industry that proves that anything is fair in the TRP game. The show is one of the most binged on ones that airs on a GEC channel’s prime time slow. It is all set to come back with another season soon.

News about the producers trying to introduce twists in the auditioning pattern is common. Same-sex couples were needed for this particular show. A senior person from the team approached a model turned fitness trainer to grace the show and pretend to be a lesbian along with a TV actress.

Sources confirm that the former model was all set to take the bait. A journalist was also asked to be her partner on the show.

It’s controversies galore for this season of the show.

Can you guess the name of the celebrity?

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