Fashion is “Reflection of oneself”- Parul Chaudhary

Parul Chaudhary is without a doubt a stupendous actress. The beautiful actress in a candid chat with business-articles lifestyle segment shared few quick fix tips make up tips.
The actress definitely has a great styling sense and indeed carries herself like a star in each outfit she chooses.
Read on to know more about Parul’s Fashion tips….
Fashion to you is…
For me, fashion is “reflection of oneself.”
Do you prefer Indian or western wears?
Western Wear.
What is the colour that suits you the best?
Neckline or hemline?
What kind of dress is revealing according to you?
A dress that reveals either your legs or cleavage, not both.
What would be the ultimate Red carpet Attire according to you?
A sheer body-con gown that is long combined with nice sexy high heels.
What would be the perfect dress to kill on a first date according to you?
(Laughs) Black body fitted dress with nice heels.
What would be the perfect dress on the beach?
Shorts paired with a bra top along with comfy slippers.
What is your favourite lingerie brand?
Initially, I love Victoria Secret but in Indian brands “Bewitch.”
What would be your summer, spring or winter style?
Spring Style – Nice georgette floral prints that are flowey on the bottom. Cold shoulders or an off-shoulder dress that is knee length.
What do you love heels, boots or flats?
What are your favourite brands?
Zara, Forever 21, Mango, AND, Denims- GAP.
Designer Wear- Falguni and Shane Peacock, Rocky S, Sabyasachi
Who is your fashion icon?
Deepika Padukone
What do you prefer mall hopping or online shopping?
Mall hopping
What are your quick fix make up tips.
On a no-shoot day, I am a no makeup person. I would prefer moisturiser, some scrub, eyeliner and a nice hairdo.

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