Expect the unexpected! New Princess in MTV Spiltsvilla 9!

New princesses enter the Villa to spice things up…

Expect the unexpected!
That’s what one should be prepared for while watching MTV Splitsvilla 9. Newfound love and connections dominate MTV Splitsvilla 9 as two hot princesses make their way to the Villa. The new princesses prove to be a boon for the boys who could not make a connection in the Villa. The princesses cashed in on the opportunity and went out on a date with the boys they thought could be their potential connection in the Villa.

However, that’s not it! The princesses had to play an extremely kinky task with the boys called, “Hassee To Phasee”, wherein they were in extremely close proximity. The task required the boys to build blocks on the abdomen of the princesses, while the other contestants had to make the princesses laugh which made it all the more difficult for the boys to build blocks.

A source close to the sets said, “It was a fun task. The boys performing with the new princesses were under a lot of pressure to impress them.”

This sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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