EXCLUSIVE! Shiny Doshi talks about Pandya Store and her bond with co-actors; says, “Off-screen as well Akshay and Mohit call me Bhabhi. It is like I am Bhabhi on set”

MUMBAI : Shiny Doshi made her acting debut in 2013 with Saraswatichandra portraying Kusum Desai. She is best known for her portrayal of Sarojini Singh in Sarojini – Ek Nayi Pehal, Mahi Sengupta in Jamai Raja and Radha in Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran.

She is currently playing Dhaara in Star Plus’ Pandya Store and is being loved for her performance.

Tvlogist recently got in touch with the actor and got to know interesting insights.

What can you tell us about the upcoming track? What can the audience expect?

“Now that Krish is married, all the brothers are married in the house. The next generation will be coming. Rishita’s daughter, Chutki will be there. The girl Krish is married to is not in love with him and she is portraying to be someone she is not so that will create problems in the family. So the audience can expect a lot of drama from the upcoming track.”

Your character, Dhaara, is very caring and protective towards the brothers. Is that the same off-screen as well?

“Yes, with Akshay and Mohit, I have a very similar bond. Off-screen as well they call me Bhabhi. Since day one, they have been calling me Bhabhi consistently. I have never seen them taking my name. Whenever they come to my room, they always address me as Bhabhi only. It is like I am Bhabhi on set.”

You all shot a scene recently in the swimming pool when you had to get the jewelry from the water. It was very dramatic on-screen, what was it like off-screen shooting for that scene?

“It was a lot of fun. This was the first pool scene in Pandya Store. Our director sir and the production team had called for a go-pro and everybody had to go underwater to search for the jewelry because the jewelry was there underwater. Everybody came together and asked our director to take their underwater shot first. Everybody wanted to experiment. This was the first time that we acted like this or else whenever it is a combination scene, we ask our director to take the other’s shot first. Everybody tries to escape but here everyone wants their shot to be taken. Alice and I swimmed our hearts out in the pool. It was three hours on a stretch and we didn’t come out until we packed up. Akshay, Mohit, Alice and I were so busy swimming that we didn’t want to go outside and the weather was also so hot.”

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