EXCLUSIVE! ‘My respect towards Gungun’s performance has grown’ Golu Chacha aka Mehul Nisar OPENS UP on the bond with Yesha Rughani, Current track of Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey and more

MUMBAI: Star Plus’ popular show Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey is winning the hearts of the masses. The show is being spoken about a lot. The pairing of Yesha Rughani and Manan Joshi is quite fresh, and the storyline brings back memories of the ’90s. The two play the roles of lead characters Gungun and Abhinav respectively. The family looks fun-loving with characters who love music and cricket. The show is a remake of Star Jalsha’s Bengali language show Khorkuto.

We got in touch with the cutest of all Golu Chacha aka Mehul Nisar to know his reaction on the current track, bond with Yesha and more, check out what he had to reveal:

Tell us about the current track of the show

Right from the beginning, Golu Chacha played cupid to Anu and Gungun, the moment he saw her he knew that she is the one for Anu. He has always tried to bring them together and even at this juncture things have become sour, there are a lot of things not addressed yet but Golu knows that Anu is not seeing the clear part yet. After Riddhesh, anyone who loves Gungun is Golu. There was an emotional scene where Golu had told Gungun that for him she is like Chhavi, he is totally in sync with Gungun, and he is hopeful that they will reunite. Being the youngest sibling of Kulshresthas, he is not able to do something to reunite them and Akriti is getting married to Anubhav but somewhere he is hopeful about Anu and Gungun to come together. If you see how the youngster gang isn’t happy about Anubhav marrying Akriti, they are just there for the sake of it. All of them are against Akriti and they want to give Anu some clarity that you need to understand Gungun’s perspective too.

How are you liking Golu?

I am thoroughly enjoying my character, it has unfolded such beautiful shades. Initially, there was a realistic comedy that would give a smirk on your face and light punches, then there were some highly emotional moments. Now, that Gungun is in pain we see Golu a little strong, taking a stand for her.

How is your bond with Gungun aka Yesha offsets?

Gugun is an exceptionally great performer. With the ways she performs with her eyes, she was actually a spoilt brat in the show, and now she has begun to understand the emotions so beautifully that my respect for her performance has only grown in the last couple of weeks. I have started really enjoying her performance. With lines, anyone can perform, but when you have emoted it with your face and eyes needs alot of experience and talent which I see in this girl.

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