Ekta Kapoor’s 17-year friendship with Vikas Gupta was not all roses

MUMBAI: Everyone knows about Vikas Gupta and Ekta Kapoor’s past and that it was Ekta who gave Vikas triumphant scale in the industry.

The duo bonds really well both personally and professionally and has managed to stay by each other. A while ago, Vikas managed to get on Ekta’s bad side.

Vikas spoke to the media about the incident. He said, ‘Ekta was about to launch me in Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani, where I was playing a werewolf and Vivian Dsena was playing the vampire. I hated that and I ran away, thus causing some losses for Ekta. I hid for a month from her and then I came back and apologized.’

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