Don’t miss Zee Bangla’s Mahalaya special programmes

KOLKATA: To mark the occasion of Mahalaya (8 October), Zee Bangla has conceived special programmes for its loyal audience including Shaktiroopeno and Chhotoder Mahalaya (Mahalaya for kids).

Read on to know about the shows.


The story of Mahishashur Mardini is seen by Lokenath and narrated by Bhagwan Ganguly. The story adheres to the age-old folk tradition of Bengal and its love for Maa Durga, which extends to various folk Devis. Every district in Bengal approaches Maa in a different way. At times, she is the protector of a forest in Sundarbans, and at others, she is the sweet daughter of Purulia who needs nothing but love; then again, she is the blood-thirsty scary Devi who calms down when her bhakt doesn’t shy away from her scary avatar. Each of these Devis has an interesting story of their own, stories that depict the tale of protection, love, and nurturing. Through each of these Devis, we reach the tale of Mahishashur Mardini and her quintessential saga of establishing purity and joy in the world. Celebrating the tale of good winning over evil, Shaktiroopeno narrates the tale of women empowerment, the legend of Devi Durga, and worship of power. The show will air at 5 AM.

Chotoder Mahalaya

Dugga Maer Jaddoo Laddoo: Magical laddoos created by Maa Durga fall from heaven and are found by a poor boy named Joy. Maa Durga sends her four children in search of these laddoos, and a magical tale ensues after Joy consumes the laddoo and gets special powers. What wonders await us in this lovable tale? To know more, watch the show at 9 AM.

Debi Durgar Asur Bodh: The classic tale of Mahishashur Mardini is told by a doting grandfather to his grandchildren but with a twist. As the narration happens, the story is seen unfolding but with all the characters in child form, including Mahishashur and Mahishashur Mardini. The story will also include how Devi Mahamaya was named Maa Durga after defeating Durgam Oshur. The show will air at 10 AM.

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