Donald Glover to play Simba in 'The Lion King' revival

Donald Glover is having some fantastic luck! To begin with it was the achievement of his comic drama demonstrate Atlanta at the Golden Globes 2017, then he was given a role as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars Han Solo turn off. Furthermore, now straight from the stove is the news of him being given a role as Simba in Jon Favreau’s no frills rethinking of Disney great The Lion King.

This is not it. James Earl Jones is likewise set to repeat his part as Mufasa which he voiced in the 1994 energized motion picture.

Favreau declared the news on his Twitter account.

The Lion King is the new expansion to the constantly growing rundown of Disney’s no frills revamps which incorporate Cinderella, Maleficent, up and coming Beauty and the Beast and Favreau’s effective wander of 2016, The Jungle Book.

The Lion King is not by any stretch of the imagination live activity however it will appear as though one. Expanding on the innovation created for The Jungle Book, the wilderness, the creatures, the setting of The Lion King will become animated.

In 1994, The Lion King won Academy Awards for the first tune, ‘Would You be able to Feel the Love Tonight’ sung by Elton John and Tim Rice and a unique score by Hans Zimmer in addition to two Grammy Awards, with the soundtrack offering more than 14 million duplicates.

Set in the Pride Lands of Africa and a kingdom of lions, The Lion King stage creation additionally won six Tony Awards in 1997 and still stays one of Broadway’s greatest hits.

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