DNA drama in Mariam Khan, Falguni shoots Suyash in Jiji Maa, Asuras–Kaushiki Devi fight in Vignaharta Ganesha, and other Spoiler Updates…

MUMBAI: Trying hard to fight mid-week boredom? business cash brings another round of Spoiler Updates for all those inquisitive minds. Read on!

DNA drama in Star Plus’ Mariam Khan

Viewers are already aware that Ayat is Mariam’s biological mother. As per news reports, amidst the pre-engagement preparations of Meher and Zain, Ayat takes Mariam to the hospital to conduct some tests.

Falguni to shoot Suyash in Star Bharat’s Jiji Maa

Star Bharat’s popular show Jiji Maa is set to witness high-voltage drama soon. Uttara will use Falguni for her selfish motives. She will brainwash the latter against Suyash and will provoke her to shoot him.

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Star Bharat’s Kya Haal takes a stand against alcohol and cigarette addiction

Viewers have been led to believe that Kanhaiya and Kamal are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes in Star Bharat’s Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal. Kunti, Kanhaiya’s mother, won’t be too happy about this. She decides to admit in her speech that Kanhaiya is indeed an addict. She wouldn’t mind if Kanhaiya leaves them consequently.

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Major fight in Sony TV’s Vignaharta Ganesha

As seen in previous episodes, all the demons hold the Gods captive using spells, and Shumbh declares himself as the king of swarg lok. Here, Ganesh transforms into Vinayak to rescue them. In the upcoming track, asuras Shumbh and Nishumbh will prepare for a major fight against Kaushiki Devi.

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