Dipika Kakkar says an EMOTIONAL GOODBYE to ‘Sasural Simar Ka’

New Delhi: One of the prominent shows of Colors TV ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ should depend on its supporting give a role as the main woman of the show, Dipika Kakkar is stopping.

sixteenth February was her last day on the arrangement of Sasural Simar Ka. Dipika has been dear companions with all the on-screen character of the show and for her it was an exceptionally hard to say goodbye to them. Indeed, just not for Dipika but rather for Jyotsna Chandola as well, who is dear companion of the performer.

According to a report in Tellychakkar.com, Jyotsna got irritated when she was made a request to provide details regarding the other set as she needed to make go through the day with Dipika.

In any case, with the assistance of the her co-on-screen characters, Jyotsna endeavored some extraordinary endeavors to make the most recent day paramount for Dipika.

As indicated by the wellspring of the entrance, “Alan and Kajol, with Jyotsna’s direction finished Dipika’s live with inflatables and an inspiring ‘We will Miss you’ message. Jyotsna had as of now guaranteed an immense shock for Dipika. Dipika began getting blessings throughout the day, which the specialist folks used to come and convey to her. The whole unit saw to it that Dipika got a blessing each other hour, which truly dumbfounded the performing artist. As the blessings continued pouring in, Dipika stayed inquisitive concerning who may have sent them. Furthermore, when Jyotsna achieved the set at 9 in the night after her pack-up, there was an enthusiastic overflow. Both Dipika and Jyotsna cried their hearts out, embracing each other. The whole unit put in cash and brought cake for Dipika. Shoaib Ibrahim was additionally there on the set to deal with Dipika experience her feelings. The scenes got truly enthusiastic toward the finish of it.”

Television performing artist Jyotsna told the entryway “”It was truly enthusiastic and none of us could control our tears. On account of all the professional dadas, Alan and Kajol, Dipika’s room was improved pleasantly notwithstanding when I was not there. I needed to do this for Dipika as we have been close. Everybody on the set got passionate by night. I have never observed any performer getting so close with experts on the set. Each one of the specialists was crying yesterday. The beautician essentially couldn’t control her tears. Furthermore, it was extremely passionate for me to see Simar for one final time in her getup. Yes, Dipika and I will be companions for eternity. Be that as it may, to not see her on the set will be truly extreme for me.”

Jyotsna even made a unique video for Dipika, in which all the co-on-screen characters discussed her. Dipika otherwise known as Simar got extremely passionate seeing that.

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