Deadly tiger creates havoc in Tenali Rama; Bhojpuri actor Mahesh Raja roped in

SAB TV’s epic show Tenali Rama produced by Contiloe is set to bring another exciting tale for its viewers.

The upcoming storyline will feature Bhojpuri actor Mahesh Raja who has also been a part of TV shows like Chandra Nandni and Maharana Pratap.

As per the plot, in the jungles of Maripatti village, Vijaynagar’s Kotwal will be sent to kill a dangerous tiger that is making lives difficult for people in the nearby villages. Shockingly, Kotwal will be attacked and dragged by the tiger in the woods.

Later, Kotwal would appear covered with mud after escaping from the pit he fell in. Kotwal will confront KDR (Manav Gohil) and others about the tiger. Finally, KDR will decide to go into the jungle and kill the tiger. He would ask TT, VM, Rama (Krishna Bharadwaj), Mahamantri and Rama’s family to accompany him on this adventure.

Maripatti’s leader Lakhanna (Mahesh Raja) would tell KDR that this is not a normal tiger, it can transform itself into a human and is very dangerous.

In the end, it will be revealed that it was Lakhanna who played a game of spreading the rumours of the deadly tiger roaming freely in the jungle. However, Lakhanna’s motive behind the entire conspiracy was a serious act which needs to get addressed.

What was it?

Well, Lakhanna was upset with the fact that villagers were cutting down the trees for their benefits and disturbing animals’ habitat. Impressed by Lakhanna’s kind motives KDR forgives him and supports his act.

Joining the team of Tenali, Mahesh shared, “It was lovely shooting with the hardworking team of Tenali Rama. The storyline which I feature in is very interesting and gripping so I hope viewers enjoy watching it too.”

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