Dance drama in Zee Bangla’s Amloki; Monami Ghosh joins the team

A lot of twists and turns will keep the viewers hooked to the upcoming episodes of Zee Bangla’s Amloki, which is produced by SVF.

A source shared that Amloki (Aishwarya Roy) will participate in a dance function and it is here that the interesting thing will happen.

The judge of the show would be her maternal grandmother Sudakkhina (Rita Dutta Chakroborty).

When Amloki will perform, Sudakkhina will find her dance steps identical with her lost daughter Chandana and ask her if she is the daughter of Chandana.

Since Amloki is unable to hear, she won’t answer.

And then a new character Mohona will be introduced who is actually Chandana’s sister. Popular actress Monami Ghosh will be seen in the role of Mohona.

So, will Amloki know her real identity? Only time will tell.

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