Chinmayee Salvi aka Sakhi on Wagle Ki Duniya focussing on MENSTRUAL TABOO: As we didn’t want to offend our audiences, I had to keep my performance very real and worked hard on it

Sony SAB’s show Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey is working wonders on the small screens.

The show has had a great fan following ever since the beginning.

Wagle Ki Duniya stars Sumeet Raghavan and Pariva Pranati in the lead roles.

The popular show also has actors like Anjan Srivastav, Bharati Achrekar, Chinmayi Salvi, Anju Jhadav, Deepak Pareek, Mansi Joshi, Amit Soni, among others.

The light-hearted comedy-drama series has managed to garner rave reviews from the fans for its interesting storyline.

We all know how the makers introduce some new characters as per the ongoing track.

The show is now all set to highlight a sensitive topic of Menstrual Taboo in the upcoming episode.

Wagle is known for its relatable topics that highlight the social issues faced by the common man.

We got in touch with Chinmayee Salvi who is seen playing the role of Sakhi in the show and spoke about the current track.

The current track is focusing on menstrual taboo. What are your views on this?

It was so very needed. We girls get used to it while growing up watching our mom or elder sisters following this. Fortunately, in my family, it was not forced upon but post my covid I used to feel miserable. It felt like a forced quarantine. In spite of the society experiencing the depressing feeling of Quarantine during Covid, where the men at large criticised and cursed the isolation but still didn’t change their mindset towards women who have to get quarantined every month and it used to always disturb me. For a long time, I felt like changing this practice and here I got the opportunity to do so.

Has this track proved challenging for you while shooting with your co-stars?

Yes. As Sakhi, I am representing a large part of young girls of society. I didn’t want to go wrong in my behaviour and the way I confronted my elders had to be in the right manner. All the actors, especially Bharti ji and Sumeet Sir as I had to confront them and all the other actors made me very comfortable. Our writers, directors, and especially JD Sir carried this out very gracefully as we didn’t want to offend our audiences. So I had to keep my performance very, very real and worked really hard on it. In fact, in Wagle Ki Duniya, we do address such issues very gracefully without hurting the sentiments of our audiences. I am really happy with the way audiences have taken it positively and appreciated my performance.

A message you would like to give those who have mistreated the girls several times for this?

We all know when we get a cut or injury and bleed how it pains and what we feel. When you bleed you need help, support, care, and love and instead of that what have you given – a feeling of an outcast – so please change. Today, girls fly planes, get gold medals in Olympics in fields like boxing, lead countries, and have really worked hard their way for the respect they deserve without bothering about their pain, agony, weaknesses, etc. So instead of appreciating their bravery don’t disrespect them anymore by enforcing the old rituals during monthly cycles. If you love your women, make them feel that, especially during their menstruation, don’t just say it.

Well said, Chinmayee!

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