Casting and acting, both are learning experiences: Casting director Jaswinder Kumar

MUMBAI: Jaswinder Kumar is not only a talented name in the world of casting but also acting.

His association with Lost Boy Productions was a cherished one, and he cast a lot of faces for the episodic shows produced by the company. Currently, with Sunny Side Up Productions, Jaswinder, along with casting, has acted in episodic shows and played a continuity role in &TV’s Badho Bahu, which had Prince Narula as the lead along with Rythasha Rathore.

Talking about his career growth, Jaswinder, whose first passion is acting, said, ‘Well, I always wanted to become an actor. But to pursue that, one has to survive in Mumbai, which is not easy. I hence took up casting, which helped me learn more about acting and also what goes into the making of a project.’

‘For an actor, it is very important to have the knowledge of both the worlds, on camera and behind the camera. Casting and acting, both are learning experiences. Whether it is delivering a dialogue or casting, both need strong imagination. It is only through imagination that one can put across the expression and actions on-screen.’

Elaborating further, he averred, ‘It took 17 years for a talent like Nawazuddin Siddiqui to prove that he can play a lead role. However, it is not that I do not enjoy casting. I really enjoy the process of recognizing and picking potential and hunting for talents. Just like how actors need to imagine characters to bring the best of themselves on-screen, we as casting directors need to visualize if the actor will fit in to the character and justify the role.’

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