Bigg Boss is NOT Scripted and I can vouch for it – Karan Mehra

Television actor Karan Mehra, who was a part of Star Plus’ popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, gets talking about the controversial reality show.

Television actor Karan Mehra, who is synonyms with his on-screen name Naitik Singhania from the acclaimed Star Plus show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, is a part of the controversial show Bigg Boss Season 10. One day into the house, he says that the drama in the show is not scripted.

Before entering the show, Karan was under the impression that the reality show is scripted.
“We need to change our perceptions. And unless we are not a part of something, how can we comment on it? Today being a part of it, I can say ‘Bigg Boss’ is not scripted and I can vouch for it,” said Karan.

“They told me do whatever you have to because once you are into the house it’s just you. It’s that real. There are lots of misconceptions about ‘Bigg Boss’ and my perception changed when I met the makers,” he added.

The launch episode of the show was aired on Sunday night.
Talking about the experience he is going in for, he said: “It’s freaky to be locked up and to be under the constant vigil of a camera 24*7. It’s like somebody is constantly watching you. There is a lot of pressure on how you talk, how you behave, how you portray yourself, what are you doing etc. So there is a lot of a lot of pressure and it’s very different.”

On a parting note to his fans, Karan said, “You all will get to see the real Karan Mehra through this show. I have never really followed the previous seasons apart from Season 8. Most of the time, I am aloof of what happens in the house, but I am looking forward to have a great time in the house.”

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