BIG TWIST: Mauli catches hold of Kunal-Nandini; learns about their ‘EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIR’?

MUMBAI: Colors’ show Silsila is currently showcasing a turbulent life of Nandini (Drashti Dhami) where she fails to understand the dynamics of the relationship she holds with all the people surrounding her life. While on one end she was happy to live an independent life with the support of Mauli (Aditi Sharma), she soon found love in her husband Kunal (Shakti Arora).

Now, to save his marriage with Mauli, she decided to move out of their home and complexities increased to such an extent that she settled on leaving the city. While this seemed to entertain and engage the audience, the show will add yet another twist with Mauli’s brother getting married secretly!

After marriage, he will return home only to face rejection from Dida. While Kunal and Mauli make Dida understand the gravity of the situation, a parallel drama will run alongside where Kunal will meet Nandini at a cafe.

A source informs, “Mauli will doubt that Nandini has found love in someone and is having an affair. When Nandini goes to meet Kunal, Mauli will follow her to know who she is meeting secretly. The viewers will be on the edge of their seats when Mauli will reach the cafe! However, the drama will calm their nerves when Silsila will showcase Mauli being able to spot Nandini but not Kunal. “

Whatever be the case, the truth cannot be kept hidden for long! How will Mauli react to learning about her husband Kunal having feelings for Nandini and vice versa?

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