Bevdi Bahus of Television!

If you thought getting drunk was Raman Bhalla’s thing… Read on!

Women who drink or smoke are considered bad in our society. Yes, it’s a bitter truth! Women who choose to drink are looked down upon. On the other hand, the television industry has a special agenda to use this substance to spice up their daily shows…

We have seen quite a few shows in which the aadarsh Bahus get drunk, the latest being Ishita to follow the suit. So do these women drink to unwind or chill out…?
Hell No! It’s a bad thing, remember?!

However, there are hardly any aadarsh bahus on TV, who have been deprived of this character-demeaning substance. And we are not referring to their off screen lives, but the onscreen ones where they essay the picture perfect idols.

Yes, right from your Sandhya Bindani to docile Pragya, they have all got sloshed and not just once! So when and how does an aadarsh Bahu gets drunk…? Well they are sort of stereotypes when it comes to showing drunk woman. Take a look at these stereotypes of drunk bahus!
1) A woman is ALWAYS tricked into drinking!

A Woman never drinks on her own sweet will! Never. Her getting drunk is always a result of her being tricked into consuming a spiked drink. The innocent woman gets drunk, brings out her wild side and then dances in an embarrassing or romantic manner. Because mandatory dance sequence equals to TRP’s!

2) A woman turns into someone else after getting drunk!

So the makers claim to bring out a personality trait out the character sketch that does not even exist in the first place! These ladies go all out and wild, completely contradicting to their normal behaviour. Like they just got a moment to live and unleash all their supressed desires!

A woman can never handle her booze!

Why do the makers always keep showing a woman getting tipsy after drinking? History has seen women handle alcohol better than men! Every time a Bahu gets drunk on a show, even if she is a modern girl, she will end up getting sloshed! period. The guy has to help her around as she can’t handle herself.

4) A woman always ends up doing something stupid after getting drunk! Even if she’s a sensible IPS Officer.

What’s the whole point of getting a woman drunk if she ain’t gonna do anything stupid? And that am-too-cute-for-am-so-drunk expressions and that annoying childish tone… Why, God why?!

A woman will confess her hidden love after getting drunk!

This occasion only comes when the show becomes boring and it needs to lift up its TRP. Most of the shows that essay a love-hate relationship between the lead (every other show that is!) will roll out a romantic sequence by getting the lady drunk so that she can unveil her inner feelings to her husband, which otherwise, she is too egoistic to express.
What is your opinion on the stereotypes of Alcohol and women shown on TV? let us know through your comments!

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