#BB10: "Bigg Boss is SCRIPTED; Bani to WIN this Season…"

claim Priyanka Jagga and brother Sameer Jagga.

Priyanka Jagga is FINALLY out of the Bigg Boss House and for good. In tonight’s weekend ka vaar episode, host Salman Khan tells Priyanka that she is the most aggressive contestant and that she abuses a lot. To this, Priyanka tells Salman that she’ll continue to do more.

Irked by Priyanka’s unapologetic attitude, Salman asks her to not use this tone with him and asks her to leave his (Bigg Boss) house. Priyanka gets up and leaves the house, without even saying goodbye to the other housemates.
Priyanka, soon after exiting the house, posted a facebook status where she mentioned that she was happy now that she is outside the house. However, when one of the users pointed out her below the belt game, Priyanka’s reply was shocking.

Priyanka replied to the user and also revealed that Bigg Boss was a ‘SCRIPTED’ show.
To add up to this, her brother Sameer Jagga, has gone on a ranting spree about how the show was gaining TRPs only because of Priyanka.

And he also claimed to know the winner of this season. If Sameer’s claims are anything to go by, then Bigg Boss Season 10’s winner would be none other than Bani J.

Now, whether Priyanka said this out of spite or actually meant it, is yet to be concluded, but this statement has reignited the age-old debate of whether this ‘reality show’ is scripted or not.

And after what Sameer claims, we wonder what the makers of the controversial Colors show have to say about this.

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