BB 11 synopsis: Vikas seeks revenge from Shilpa, Hina Khan’s KKK moment

The day starts with a bang as drama at the Bigg Boss house unfolds! Shilpa continues to sing her favorite self-composed song ‘Bang-Bang’; with an aim to instigate Vikas. Annoyed with her behavior, Vikas decides to avenge her by not letting her sleep. Along with Priyank and a few others from the house, the gang decides to bang vessels against each other and not let Shilpa sleep. Vikas’ annoyance reaches a newer realm and he goes one step further and hides her things in the thick of the night. At daybreak, Shilpa is shocked to see her stuff missing from the store room and starts looking for her belongings in the house.
The Bigg Boss farm continues to rule the house and the contestants have to complete different tasks involving animals. After completing tasks with a donkey and catfish, the contestants are looking forward to other others tasks in store for them today.
Shilpa is chosen to read out the tasks to all members of the house. However, she has immense problem reading it out since it is written in Hindi. Irritation levels peak as the current peace-maker Hina passes comments on Shilpa’s dictation and the two have a row of sorts.
Further we will see Shilpa crying with Shivani and Arshi by her side. Shivani feels bad about taking a wrong stand and apologies. Shilpa ends the conversation by saying that Vikas and herself have been chosen to be in the Bigg Boss House for creating Drama.
Hina Khan is chosen to perform the first task along with Puneesh and Arshi. When chosen for the task, Shilpa passes a rather snide remark suggesting that the task will be a piece of cake for Hina as she has previously participated in Khatron Ke Khiladi. For the task, Hina is blindfolded and made to catch a total of 4 Hens; as Puneesh and Arshi guide her through this job at hand.
For the second task, Bigg Boss brings in a beloved talking parrot, Kukutoo. Priyank, Jyoti and Sapna are mandated with the task of getting the parrot to talk by repeating a single phrase over and over again for a specified duration.
How long will the tussle between Shilpa and Vikas go on? Have the rest of the contestants chosen their target? The battleground is set…

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