Astha shocked to know Aditi’s real bad motives in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

This week was Aditi’s failed triumph against Astha. Astha has been saved by Shlok every time Aditi has put her in danger. Shlok has saved Astha multiple times and Astha is thankful to him. Aditi is angry on seeing them back home safely. Aditi tells that Astha has been saved as of now, but soon she will kill her and also Shlok. She wants to take revenge on Shlok and kill him slowly making him realize his mistakes and taking her revenge while enjoying every bit of it. Sadly, Shlok trusts Aditi and does not doubt on her.

Shlok hears Astha talking to Kalindi about her days left in his house. He misunderstands and thinks Astha is eager to leave his house and wants to get away from him soon. He confronts Astha and asks her to leave to stay happy with her family. Astha does not want to leave him as she has fallen in love with him again. Shlok tells her that he does not care about her and does not want to see her face in this house. She asks him whether he has no feelings for her. Shlok tells her that he can never love her. Astha leaves crying. Varad sees her and comes to talk to Shlok.

Varad asks Shlok to think of his heart and understand that he saved Astha as he loves her and can’t lose her. Shlok says he has saved Astha only because of humanity and he can never love a girl like Astha. Varad asks him not to lie to himself as he can see love for Astha in his eyes clearly. Varad asks Shlok to look in the mirror and ask himself. Shlok looks in the mirror to find the answers. Varad gives the camcorder to Astha saying he has got it by the horse riding club. Astha asks Shlok to see their trip’s good moments she has captured on the way. Shlok is not interested and leaves.

Astha sees the recordings and is shocked to see Aditi’s true face that she has planned all the accidents to kill her and she is also after Shlok. She comes to know the real and bad intentions of Aditi. Astha thinks why is Aditi doing this and why does she want to kill Shlok and her. Astha goes to confront Aditi and shows her the recording. Aditi at first acts innocent but after seeing that Astha has proof, she gets worried and accepts her sins. She tells Astha that all the accidents were planned by her and she wants to kill her as she is Shlok’s wife. Astha asks her does she love Shlok, if so she could have married him by making her dad talk to Niranjan.

Aditi says no, she hates Shlok from the bottom of her heart and wants revenge from him. Astha is shocked and promises her that she will make her bad intentions come infront of everyone and then everyone will kick her out of the house. Aditi smiles snatching the recorder from Astha and destroying the proof. Astha slaps her for this act and Aditi starts shouting to call out everyone and acts innocent to get their sympathy. Anjali asks Astha what is going on. Astha tells everyone that Aditi has planned all the accidents and wants to kill her. No one believes Astha and asks her to apologize to Aditi. Aditi cries and says Astha always had a problem with her and she regarded her as her sister.

Shlok scolds Astha for insulting Aditi and hurting Niranjan. He asks Astha to apologize. Astha unwillingly apologizes to Aditi and then tells her that she will not spare her. Aditi drinks insect poison to gain everyone’s trust. Everyone are shocked and calls the doctor. Aditi gets fine and challenges Astha. Aditi comes to know from Anjali that Shlok and Astha are getting divorced.

Aditi tells Astha now she will not kill her as she is going away from Shlok’s life, now she can take revenge on Shlok and kill him slowly as per her plan. Astha tells her that she will not leave the house till she exposes her. Astha tries to tell Shlok about Aditi’s truth but Shlok does not believe her and in turn scolds her for thinking she is right always. Shlok and Astha perform the Gudi padawa puja together and Aditi looks at them feeling jealous. How will Astha save Shlok from Aditi? Keep reading.